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Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Enheduanna: Akkadian Poet

The Akkadian poet Endheduanna (2285–2250 BC) is the first author in the world to be known by name and she was the daughter of Sargon (Sargon the Great, 2334–2279 BCE) of Akkad. Whether Enheduanna, in fact, was a relative of Sargon or the title is not known.

However, it is clear that Sargon relied heavily on Enheduanna, earning him the title of High Priest of the most important temple in Sumer (in the city of Ur), and left the responsibility of melting the Sumadian gods with Akkadian. People need to develop their empire necessary for stability. Nevertheless, he is credited with creating paradigms for poetry, hymns and prayers, used throughout the ancient world, leading to the development of currently recognized genres. His influence during his lifetime was as impressive as his literary legacy. Entrusted with great responsibility by his father, Enheduanna not only exceeded those expectations but changed the entire culture. Through his written works, he changed the nature of the gods of Mesopotamia and the concept of the people was divine.

Life of the Poet

The name of Eudhudanna is translated as ‘High Priestess of An’ (sky god) or ‘En-Priestess, wife of the deity Nanna. Enheduanna came from the northern city of Akkad, and as Kriwaczek, "she would have a half-conceived name [but] when she went to Ur, the very heart of Sumerian culture, she had a Sumerian official title: Endhedunna-`n '( Chief priest or priest); `hedu '(ornamentation);` ana' (of heaven) '(120). He organized and presided over the city's temple complex, the heart site of the city, and against an attempted coup he found his own Taken. The Sumerian rebel named Lugal-Anne who forced him to go into exile. The Akkadian Empire, for all the wealth and stability brought to the region, suffered from frequent plagues under its control in various territories. One of Enheduanna's responsibilities would be to examine the population through religion. In the case of Lugal-Ane, however, he seems to be the best, at least initially. In his poem The Exaltation of Inanna, he rose high from his post Tells the story of being a priest and being put into exile. Inanna clearly listens to his prayer and through divine conscience, tells Enheduanna Restored to its rightful place in the temple. It is likely that she was the first woman to hold this position in Ur and her upbringing as a high priest would have served as an exemplary model for those in need.

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