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Tuesday, May 26, 2020

How did Aztec Empire get fall or decline?

 Flourishing of Empire

Aztec Empire started flourishing in 13th century. This civilization was probably originated as nomadic tribes in northern Mexico, then they arrived in Mesoamerica around the beginning of 13th century. After they started attacked on other tribes and occupy area to extend his Empire. They made them slave, people of other tribes. They behave very badly to their slaves and other small tribes. So, the slaves and small tribes are don't want to flourish Aztec Empire. And they play major role in destruction of Aztec Empire. In 15th century, from their magnificent capital Tenochtitlan, they emerged as dominant forces. They form 'The Triple Alliance' i.e group of three alliance Tenochtitlan, Texcoco, Tlacopan in 1428.

Spanish Conquest and Destruction of Aztec Empire

Between 1492-93 Christopher Columbus reached in Caribbean and discover the America. Spain was want to expand his Spanish settlement . So, Hernando Cortes arrived to Caribbean in 1504. In 1511, Spanish viceroy in the Caribbean appoints Diego Velasquez to conquer and govern the Cuba. In 1518, expedition of Juan De Grijalva to the Yucatan and gulf coasts. And they appoint Cortes to lead a third exploratory expedition i.e to attack on America. But Velasquez said that to stop for some time. When Cortes knows about the Aztec Empire and high probability of winning rate, Cortes wants to win Aztec Empire. In that time King of Aztec Empire was Moctezuma and also highly developed socially, intellectually and artistically Empire. So, it was not easy to win Aztec Empire. After that the Spanish are arrived to Mexico with three ships and about 100 mens in early 1517 from Yucatan, Cuba. Hernandez de Cordoba was the first European who visit to Mexico. When Cordobars are returned they report to Cuba that prompted Spanish government in Mexico (Aztec Empire) because there was high chance to win Mexico. But Diego Velasquez was taken time to take decision to attack on Mexico. Without the permission of Velasquez, Hernando Cortes was arrived for Mexico. In March 1519, Cortes visit at town Tabasco,Cortes have some 400 soldiers. Cortes have a strategy that join with the enemy of Aztec Empire and first win small cities and join with them. So, the small tribes who against the Aztec Empire join with Cortes. In November 1519, Cortes and his army arrived to Tenochtitlan, where the king Montezuma and his greeted them as honored guest. Though the Aztec have superior of their weapons were inferior. Cortes was take decision immediately take Montezuma and his entourage lords hostages, to gain his control on Tenochtitlan. Montezuma died under uncertain circumstances while in custody. But after Montezuma, his nephew Cuauhtemoc took over as emperor and the Aztecs drove the Spaniards from the city. After this Aztecs are come in the contact of contagious diseases which was smallpox, influenza etc. This diseases are come from Spaniards and this disease was help Spanish as a weapon and more than half of people was died due to this diseases. Cotes mounted offensive against Tenochtitlan, finally defeating Cuauhtemoc's resistance on 13 August 1521. In all, some about 240,000 people were believed that died in Spanish conquest, which effectively ended the Aztec civilization.

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