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Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Stonehenge: Very ancient and mysterious monument

It is very ancient monument and it is built by the stones. Stonehenge is a very biggest mystery because we don't know why this was built and how this was built. Does Stonehenge was built by aliens or does Stonehenge have any contact with aliens. There are many of the questions about it but this question have no any answers.  But scientist are still researching on this monument that how they built and why they built. Stonehenge was built with big stones(about 13m long) , the stones are diged in land. It was made a shape of circle. Stonehenge was discovered in 1978. It was built around 3000 BC. Stonehenge are located at Salisbury SP4 7DE in United Kingdom.

Scientist are believed that Stonehenge was build in three stages. In which first stage are built about 2500 BC before Jesus Christ. In first stage they built the mysterious holes, there are 56 holes are available. Scientist are believed that in first stage they also built the heel stone. Heel stone is a large block of sarsen stone which is at outside the entrance of the Stonehenge. The height of the heel stone is about 4.7 meters and it's thickness is about 2.4 meters.
Heel Stone
In second stage, in inner ring of Stonehenge there 85 blue stones which built a circle. Scientist estimate that the stones which built Stonehenge it was come from Avon city because no this type of stone are available in their surrounded cities.

In third stage there 75 Sandy stones are used. Scientist are believed that these stones are come from 20 miles from nearby town and it used after carving.

In this time many of the tourist are come from all over the world. It is also a very popular tourist place. There are many of the mysteries of this Stonehenge which does not solved but scientist are always trying to explore there mystery.

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