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Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Mystery of 'Easter Island'

In this modern world we think that everything is possible, many of the technology get developed and every day scientist discovers many of things. Every place are discovered, everything is got solved. It is true but many places are available in this world whose mysteries are unsolved. In which one of them is 'Easter Island'. Which have many of the mysteries.

Easter island's location

Easter island is situated at South Pacific ocean. This island is about 15 miles long and 10 miles width. This island is very far from other countries and it's nearest island is about 2253 km far. It's nearest country is Chile which is about 3761 km far. This is island is come under Chile's conservancy.

Mystery of this Island

Easter island have big statues which is made up of stone. This statues are made up of in the shape of head. There are 877 statues are available on this island. Only head are visible of this island's statue. This island have many of the mysteries but scientist are claimed that they solved 50% of mysteries. And left of mysteries are incomprehensible. The height of this statues are 30-40ft. This statues are called Moai. This island was first discovered in 1722 by Dutch navigator Jacob Roggeveen. When this statues are discovered everyone got shocked. They think that why statues have only head and who & why made this statues. The weight of this hundredth of statues are about more than 1 tons. This statues stones are made up of cold rocks of volcanoes. But how we this type of stones are brought, how this heavy statues are are lifted from one place to another. This is still a mystery. Because which stones was used in this statues which was founded very far from this place. The big question is that why this statues are made on this deserted island. In which seven statues are made near to the sea. It is said that this statues are stand as guard are for secure the island.

Scientist about Easter island

Some years ago scientist are claimed to solve the mystery of these statues. When they dig inside this statues of head they the body of this statues. But it create a big question that why this statues are digged inside land, which is unsolved. The language of this island is different from whole country. When scientist are take DNA samples from the island's graveyard. They found that the sample of DNA didn't match from Americans. They are Polynesian which belong with ancient Asia. Some of the specialist are believed that this statues was made by aliens but this was not proved. In recent discoveries, it has been found that this Moai statues are build by Rapa Nui, who were native to the island, somewhere between the years 1400-1650. But how and why they build this statues and how they lift this statues from one place to another it is unsolved. Many of the scientist are given opinion that how they lift this statues.
In present time this island is a World heritage Site and the most of the are come under Rapa Nui National.

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