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Saturday, April 18, 2020

Mysteries of Mona Lisa painting

There are many of the mysteries are available in this world which is unsolved. The painting of Mona Lisa is one of them. This painting is very famous for it's mystery and it's amazing creation. This painting was made by Leonardo da Vinci.

Leonardo da Vinci

Leonardo da Vinci's full name is Leonardo di ser Piero da Vinci. He was a Italian polymath of Renaissance. He was a genius, he was Master of the many of the subjects. Leonardo da Vinci was a scientist, mathematician, painter, architect, engineer, sculptor, writer, harmonist, skilled mechanist. Other than this he was also knows more about anatomy, geology, history, botany, astronomy. It is unbelievable but it is true. Leonardo da Vinci was born on 15 April, 1452 at Anchiano in Italy.
Painting of Mona Lisa
This painting was made with oil on a wood. The size of this painting is 77cm×53cm. This painting was made from 1503 to 1519 i.e 16 years. But this painting was not completed because in 1519, Leonardo da Vinci was died.

Mysteries of Mona Lisa Painting:

Who is Mona Lisa

It is very complicated question but Leornado da Vinci was not told in his any books or composition that who is Mona Lisa And not about Mona Lisa's painting. Then who is Mona Lisa, a story is available about it that Vinci's best friend was wrote a letter for him. This letter was found in 2005. According to this letter this was wrote in October 1503. On this time he was work Vinci's friend painting, Francesco del Giocondo and his friends wife name was Lisa Giocondo. In the pleasure of second son and build a new house his friend told that for make a painting of his wife. According to this we say that when this letter was written Vinci work on Mona Lisa painting. But we cannot say completely that Mona Lisa painting was of Lisa Giocondo. Scientist are said that Lisa Giocondo gestures are not matched to Mona Lisa.

Layers of painting

In 2004, a scientist , whose name was Pascal Cottee. He was used higher level of technology and he was got three of the layers of this painting. Then he found that the paint which is used by Leonardo da Vinci whose size is 40 micro metre thin. There are three layers of this painting in which some other person painting was hidden. But surprisingly this painting was matched with Lisa Giocondo. Maybe Vinci drawn Lisa painting and get modified into Mona Lisa painting.

Hidden Message

Scientists are doing more research on this painting and he get on right side of painting something was written. There was written 'La Risposta so trova qui' it means that answer is here.

Alien in painting

If we merge the left side of painting to mirror we got that an aliens like structure. And it looks like alien, this picture was found there where was written that 'The answer is here'.

Expressions of Mona Lisa painting

When we see Mona Lisa's picture from far we see that Mona Lisa is smiling but when we see on panting's lips we got a sad expression. It is because of a technique which is called sfumato. In this technique no any outline are available if available then it mixed with many colours. No any person have do this technique like Leornado da Vinci. He was do this technique very perfectionally.

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