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Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Facts about Leonardo da Vinci

You already know about Leonardo da Vinci. He was a very amazing person in the world. He was knows about many of the subjects.

Here are some fact about this great personality:


Leornado da Vinci was an ambidextrous i.e he wrote with both hands. He have amazing skills, he was also write with one hand and painting with another hand at the same time.

He was never goes to school

It is true Vinci never goes to school and not any teacher was taught him. Only he was learn painting with Andrea del Verrocchio. Other all knowledges are got from himself.

Last words of Vinci

Vinci's last words are very surprised, when he was dieing he said that '' I have offended God and mankind because my work did not reach the quality it should have.

Famous paintings of Leornado da Vinci

There two very famous paintings of Leornado da Vinci which are Mona Lisa painting and The Last Supper. You already know about Mona Lisa painting. The Last Supper was also a famous painting of Leornado da Vinci in which he painted Jesus last meal.

Mirror Writing

Leonardo da Vinci was was write in mirror form very easily. He mostly write in mirror form. He said that the mirror writing is very easy. But some  people have myth they are believed that Leonardo da Vinci write in the mirror form because to hide his mysteries.

Discoveries of Leornado da Vinci

It is impossible to believe, in 16th century he was done many of the big discoveries. Like aeroplane, parachute, helicopter, tank and in many of the things he got credit. He was made these all designs in 16th century. After Leonardo da Vinci many of the invention are done on the based on his designs.
Leonardo da Vinci was the first person who told about why sky appears blue. He said that because air was scatter the light which is coming from Sun and blue is more scatter than other colours.

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