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Sunday, March 22, 2020

Who is Men in Black??

In this world many of the people are lived. But in this world some people are available which are secret and work as a secret agent. They are very mysterious nobody will found this type of people. MIB(Men in Black) are also from these department. If you have watched that the movie Men in Black, you know that what they do. But here we will talk about the real Men in Black. Those people are encountered with Men in Black they are describe that they are wear black suit and no expression on there face i.e they're expressionless. They are behind the those people which are seen UFO's or aliens and that research on aliens or UFO's. They are the part of secret organization and according to people they show a white card. And they don't call each other with name. They call as a code i.e code-77, agent-777.

Albert K. Bender, he was a work in US airforce during World War 2 and he was also founder of International Flying Saucer Bureau. He was also editor of the Space Review publication. So, he started research on UFO'S and make a part life research on UFO's. He was found many of the proof about UFO'S and aliens and he publish his report with Space Review publication. Some days after publish his report an incident was happened in his house. Albert said that one day three man who wears black suit and black hat come to his home and said to Albert that he close his report hurrily else ready for his result. After this Albert got feared and closed his all report and his Space Review. After some year he wrote a book Flying Saucer and the three men.
In June, 1947 an incident was happened with Harold Dahl, he boating in the lake then he seen that many of the UFO's  . In which one UFO get crashed on his pet dog and his son was also injured. He click pictures and goes to the public report but a black suit man was snatch his camera and give sign to keep quiet. There are many of the people are encountered with Men in Black. And also said many of the things.

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