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Monday, March 23, 2020

What is Mandela effect??

Mandela effect is an effect in which people suffer with false memory. For example, imagine that you know about Google and you use it but when you awake in morning and you check in your browser, you get Google get missing then ask to people you get people say that "What is Google". Then you think that what is happening and you get irritate. So , it is Mandela effect.

It named Mandela effect because of an incident. The incident was that the death of Mandela. South African leader Nelson Mandela, million of people say that Mandela is get died when he was in prison in 1991. Also in a book mentioned that Mandela is died in 1991. But his real death was in December 2013. And if you search in Google you got Mandela died in December 2013. But how it is possible that same person die in two different different year. There are many incident of this effect. Many people say that a person go in past and change this but you all say that it is not possible, I also believe that it is impossible. One more theory is based on the Mandela effect which is parallel universe. In which there are many of the universe are found and in every universe different different things are available. But it is not decided how it is work.

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