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Saturday, March 28, 2020

Top most unsolved mysteries #2

Pyramid of Giza

Egypt is a very mysterious place in the world. 4000 years ago Egyptian are very good in artifacts. They made very beautiful arts and made many of the mysterious things. The pyramid of Giza is one of them. It very mysterious and no one can solved the its mystery. The pyramid is made in alignment of stars, and pyramid have an natural AC which maintain temperature at 20°. And the big question is that how pyramid is formed. Because pyramid's bricks are very big and heavy. It's bricks is made up of limestone. And the weight of one brick is 2.7-70 tons and the modern cranes is lift only 20 tons. Then how the Egyptian are made these pyramid's. But I think that Egyptians have connection with aliens and they develop technologies to made pyramid. But no one knows that it is true or not.

A theory is related to pyramid which is Orion correlation theory. If you watch pyramid at night then you see that pyramids are align with constellation. And this constellation called Orion Belt. So this impossible things create that aliens are came to earth and bring advance technology. And many of the theorist is also believed that aliens are came to earth.
Who made pyramid is mysterious and no one know that. But pyramid have connection with stars. And theorist said that aliens are live on these star and these alignment is made to show the connection between them. Pyramids have also many of the mysteries. And no one solved them and it is approximately impossible to solve them. But in this modern world nothing is impossible.

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