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Thursday, March 26, 2020

Top most unsolved mysteries #1

In this world the technology is very developed. Scientist are discover many of things everyday. But in this world most of the things are mysterious and unexplored.

Most of the Caves

In this world there are 95% of sea are unexplored. Same as sea millions of caves are unexplored and no anyone find these. And those caves are got found also some are unexplored and don't know why it was built. America is an explorer place i.e in America almost all places are explored but caves of America are only explored 50% and less.

National geographics are said in research that 90% and above caves are unexplored. So, it says that earth is very big because most of the things are mysterious. Our earth is very mysterious and unexplored.

Bloody Rain

On 5 July,2001 in Kerala, India. In afternoon all people are doing his work and some people are enjoying in beautiful day. But suddenly thundering started and then something happened that you can't believe. There was starting bloody rain. I am said bloody rain because the colour rain was red. First scientist think that it is a some dust and due to pollution or due to meteor mixed into rain and turned the colour.

 Scientist collected some rain water for testing. They research on the rain water and found that this was not a particle of meteor. And these particles are living. Yes these particles are living and scientist are seemed that is like (RCB) Red Blood Cell. Scientist have to know these particles are living or not. And it can be proved after DNA testing. But these particles do not have DNA. These particles are same as living characteristics but without DNA. When scientist are research on a international level they got these particles have DNA. But it is not solved that these particles were come from where.

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