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Friday, March 27, 2020

Does teleportation is possible??

Teleportation is a phenomenon in which any energy or matter transfer from one place to another without actual travel Or Teleportation is an ability to transfer a person from one place to another. For example, imagine you are walking on street and suddenly you're transfer thousands of kilometers far. So, this is teleportation but after this you can get shocked and think how it is possible. You have also
 seen teleportation in the movies. But in real life this not possible till now, in future this technology maybe develop. Imagine I have to teleport you to any other place. Then teleportation science says that I have to dematerialize your body atoms and after I have to rematerialize your body where I have to teleport you.

According to the Quantum Entanglement in this universe any two particles is interlinked i.e they link with each other. For example if I change one particle then other particle property also affect at just time i.e with the help of this we can teleport one place to another. Many of research are conducted by the scientist and they research in the labs they are transfer photon at small distance. Photon are those particles that form light. In many of the experiment photon are teleported at distance 5-8 km. In 2012 Australian scientist are teleported the photon at distance of143 km. Light particles are teleported but does human are teleported or not. I have already told that according to the Quantum Entanglement we can teleport humans but it is not possible till now. But I am sure that science will discover this and we can do teleportation. Because science is developing very fastly.

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