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Thursday, March 5, 2020

A mysterious place : Area 51

Area 51 generally known by this name but it is not real name, it's real name is Nevada Test and Training Range. It is located in Nevada region of US. During world war army was done the nuclear testing  and name them area 1, area 2, area 3, etc. This specific location Area 51 is nuclear test  in this time. In all areas not any wierd activity is done but in Area 51 have many of the wierd incident. In 1997, Coast to Coast Am, which is a radio show, a man interview that show and claim that he was worked in Area 51 he also said that aliens are extra dimensional being and they are found in the report of space programme and space programme made contact with them.

 In 2 July 1947, in Mexico an UFO was crashed and this news was spread out all over the world then after the Area 51 is got restricted. In all over Area 51 underground sensor was got placed and if anyone come to this place they have got shout with guns. Many of the people are claimed that they were worked in Area 51.

In Area 51 they research about the UFOs and aliens. Robert Lazar also claimed that he worked in Area 51 in energy department and in energy department he worked on flying saucers i.e. UFOs and he harness the energy of UFOs with help of large harnessing machine. According to him Dan Burisch is also come to public and he also said about area 51. But no any common people know that about the Area 51. There are many of the scientist said it is false, there were no any research are done in Area 51.

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