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Tuesday, March 24, 2020

5 incidents of Mandela effect

You already know about Mandela effect in my previous article. Here you know five incidents of Mandela effect;

1. Pikachu's Tail

If I ask to you which Pikachu is correct I know that most of you say that right Pikachu i.e black tail Pikachu is correct but the left Pikachu i.e without black tail Pikachu is correct. But I have remember that Pikachu's tail end is black and most of you also remember that.

2. Cocacola's logo

In these three logos which logo is correct. Most of the you say that third is correct and some say second is correct but the first logo is correct. You think that it can get changed by cocacola's company but company said that no any changes are done in logo.

3. Ford's logo

There was same problem some people say that Ford's second logo is correct but Ford have only one logo which is first logo.

4. KitKat's logo 

There are two logo of KitKat and one is correct. Most of you answer that KitKat with dash logo is correct but without dash logo is correct. And I also remember in childhood KitKat has logo with dash I think it got changed but no any are done by it's company.

5. Oscar Mayer

Oscar Mayer is a famous American company of meat and cold nut production. It also faces the Mandela effect. Most of the people say that the spelling of Oscar Mayer in logo is Oscar Meyer. But how 'e' changed with 'a' without any interference.

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