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Saturday, February 15, 2020

You have many of superpowers, Does you know that??

What is your answer if I say that you are man with superpowers i.e you are a superhuman?? I know that you say that this is fake and it is impossible. But it is true every humans in all over the world have superpowers. And all people can not know about this, only few per cent of people know this. After this you think that I am talking about which power. So, it is the power of your brain. And it is also known as psychic powers. But how our brain have psychic power. The reason behind these powers is your subconcious mind. Our brain have two parts concious and subconcious mind.

Concious mind is 10% and
Subconcious mind is 90%, but we use only few percent of our subconcious mind. In our subconcious mind many of the psychic powers are available but we don't how can obtain that, only few are known like telikinesis, pyrokinesis, hydrokinesis etc. But one way you have which is that to try to connect with your subconcious mind and with your soul.

But when you have to connect with yours subconcious mind and with your soul, then you have to do meditation. Because in this position your mind get rest. And you know that all psychic powers are start with meditation. So, meditation is the first step to get succes in pychic abilities.

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