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Thursday, February 6, 2020

Does Ghosts are exists? If exist then how?

In all over the world different different types of people are exists and every people have different different thought . Some are believe that ghosts are exists and some says that ghosts are not exists. Some people say they are seen ghosts with naked eye. So what's your thought does ghost are exists or not give your answer in comment.

I think that the ghosts are exists and they have another world like you seen in the movies. But what is your thought and my thought is not matter. The real is factor is that does ghost are exists.

So, according to science the ghost are exists and not exists both are true, some theory say that ghost are exists and some say that does'nt exist . A famous theory is that 'Energy neither created nor be destroyed '. If we relate this theory with ghosts then the ghosts are exists because our soul is energy when soul rejected the body it cannot be deatroyed so it termed as ghost. If this is true then ghosts have more population than humans. It is a mystery  that ghost are exists or not.

In Social media many of the videos are viral but some are prank and some are true or not can't be decided.

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