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Monday, February 24, 2020

Can we do time travel with our mind power??

You know that time travel is process in we can travel in past and future. But in this time not anyone beleive on time travel without some people, whose thoughts are different from other people. According to science time travel is real and many of the scientists are research on time travel . We know that and also seen in movies that time travel have required a time machine.

 According Einstein's when an object travel with the speed of light it can do time travel.
But in other way human can also do time travel without any machine or without speed of light. After this you think that but how??
So it is a big question mark but we can do time travel with our mind power . Yes with your mind power. Our power of mind is like speed of light. But we cannot do time travel physically we can do this only mentally. Time travel recuired high concentration or focus on one thought or high will power.

 Many times you seen 2 or 3 seconds of your future in your dream but you did not notice it. But after sometime when you do that work you think that it is already happened. So we have to increase this ability for this you have to do meditation and it is must this results your concentration increase. And you have to open your third eye, when you open your third its chances increase. Practice of do time travel are when you are in peace then you have to lie down. And you have to focus on thougt i.e I am going in the future or past. And you have to do clear visualisation and whatever you seen you think that it is true. For best results you have to do when you are sleeping. So after some practices you're able to do time travel.

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