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Friday, February 7, 2020

Can we control fire

What you do If I say that you can control fire?? I know that 90% of people cannot believe this and Your answer is that It is impossible. But in this modern world anything is not impossible. Every impossible work are possible by humans.
This technique is very ancient and ancient man was do this techniques.This technique's name is Pyrokinesis.


Pyrokinesis is a ability to create and control fire with mental power. It is like telekinesis .After this you think that how can I do that. You have to follow some steps.

Steps are:

  • First you have to relax yourself .
  • Then you have to take a candle and keep the candle at the place where the air is not present.
  • After this you have to focus on the flame of candle.
  • You have try to make connection between you and fire with full focus.
  • After making connection you have to close your eyes .
  • And visualize that the flame of candle is moving when you say the flame to move and feel the energy of fire.
  • Think that it is a part of your body.
  • Then after open your eyes and again focus on flame and visualize the flame moving side to side with your mental power.
Do these steps everyday. You can not get success in one time. It's depends on your will power and the power of concentration. The time is not confirmed for this psychic ability it can be taken few days or months or years , it depends on your will power and power of concentration. I have suggestion to you that do meditation everyday it can help in to improve your concentration , will power and your mental powers

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