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Thursday, January 16, 2020


For Shashakasana you have to follow some steps are-

-First you have to sit down with legs extended together, hands by the side of the body, resting on the ground.

-Then after you have to fold your left and right leg at the knee and place the foot under the right buttock.

-Place both, the heels so that big-toes overlap each other. Position the buttock in the space between the heels.

-After these you have to keep the hands on respective knees.

-Then raise the hands above the head with inhaling.

-Exhaling, bend forward, spread the hands on the ground. Place the forehead on the ground.

-Maintain this posture for some time.

Benefits of Shashakasana:-

There are many benefits of Shashakasana some are as follows:

* It helps to activates our kidneys,liver and intestines.
* It helps to remove your anger and irritation.
*It also helps to decrease the heaviness of stomach, back and buttocks.

 More about Shashakasana:

' Shashakasana' consists of two Sanskrit words; 'shashaka' and 'asana' . Shashaka means that rabbit and Asana means posture.

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